Our Selection of Vehicles Under 20,000 Dollars

Finding a reliably affordable vehicle can be complex. Often, drivers might anticipate spending months searching for the best deals in the area to bring home the best car for their family. We at Carl Hogan Honda understand that difficulty and are committed to bringing a great selection of fairly priced, quality vehicles.

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Pre-Owned Honda Models

Honda is known for impeccable engineering and powerful cars. We are happy to bring this excellence to you for a fantastic price.

The 2015 Honda CR-V EX-L SUV, for example, is under the 20,000-dollar price range and represents the assortment of great vehicles we have here. This vehicle is perfect for families looking to shop for quality on a budget.

Used Vehicles from Other Brands

We may be Carl Hogan Honda, but we offer an eclectic mix of vehicles from various brands. Chevy, Acura, and Honda are only three of the nine brands we have at our dealership. Not only that, but you'll likely find the vehicle of your choice under the 20,000-dollar price range.

Take this 2018 Dodge Journey, for example. With an elegant silver body and sleek black wheels, this SUV looks new. However, the reality is that it's been well taken care of, properly inspected, and kept - all representative of the time we put into our vehicles for you.

In addition, our dealership is happy to offer a remarkable collection of used specials for your budget and time convenience. We've picked the best-used vehicles and priced them comfortably, allowing you to save thousands of dollars.

Pre-Owned Bargains

Maybe our used specials are too expensive for you. Or our 20,000-dollar vehicles are too heavy on your budget. No matter your financial qualm, we have something that can help. Our Pre-Owned bargain selection allows you to select a vehicle from our under 10,000- dollar collection, providing the option for greater flexibility within your budget.

Personalized Financing

We understand that purchasing a vehicle is a commitment. It can require tons of research and rigorous financial planning. Fortunately, our finance center here at Carl Hogan Honda specializes in bringing the best custom deal to you in the quickest timeframe.

Regardless of whether you plan to lease, trade, or purchase a vehicle outright, our dealership can help you. We offer a 30-second online pre-approval option on our website to expedite the process, alongside opportunities for customized finance options and early trade-in values.

Benefits of Choosing Carl Hogan Honda

There are several benefits to choosing Carl Hogan Honda, but one that stands out is the vastness of our vehicular range. With vehicles ranging from 2005 to 2020, our selection caters to a range of driver needs. Our certified pre-owned vehicles guarantee a worthwhile investment, warranty, and affordable pricing.

You'll also find that our team of auto experts is prepared to guide you through securing your automotive journey with top-notch service and care. Our service center is available via appointment. If you're a new customer, our online database will guide you through the process step by step.

If you require financial assistance, our dealership contains a team of finance experts to assist. New and current customers can apply for financing on our website or simply inquire using the navigational tools.

Visit Our Dealership Today

Take the next step and visit our dealership today to enjoy these budget-friendly vehicles yourself. We hope to instill you with more than a vehicle, but rather to leave you with a remarkably positive experience to remember.